It’s 4AM what are you doing up?

Please don’t ask me questions…
I can’t sleep,
dreams fill my mind and echo’s are shattering-ly loud
bouncing off every hiding place,
every non-ordained sanctuary I’ve created in this miserable year
don’t ask me questions about why I can’t sleep
why the dreams keep coming and going
almost teasing me with a peaceful place to rest
a peaceful place to find solace in my memories
but not yet
not now
only the pain and fear
the emotional engulfment of losing the love of my life,
yes the love of my life
all those clichés
all the poetic terms of endearment fit like that proverbial glove,
my other half…my soul-mate…my partner,
my, my, my… my twin light,
images, sounds all come back bitter sweet,
sensations and words spoken,
some not, not enough,
we absorbed one another
we took each others breath…away, away
now it’s 4 something AM and you are bothering me with questions,
silly make no sense questions that don’t have answers,
could never have satisfactory answers,
compelling promises tare at my heart strings…
sleep and tranquility
a place of serenity
to be in your arms of warm love and tender promise
just a moment more to whisper
one last time that I will love you forever and ever…
and then some love,
and then some…

© 2008 Trilby Yates