Idioms Fly By

Idioms fly by night shooter leaving tear drops flowing
pretty boys are a dime a dozen burnt out in a NY minute
We can make it up town without breaking a sweat
a few shakes of a lambs tail if we hurry
They can beat a dead horse and still come to the same old same old
and we won’t bat an eye or walk on egg shells
while we drift in this land of Oz
We’ve got places to go Alice and people to meet
so hold on tight little darling cause time it is a wasting
when we have one foot in the grave and the other on something or other
And I don’t care what’s blowing in the wind
when there’s nothing beneath my feet
just a slippery slope and the wings of a dove fly high above
without a care in the world
when you know what you know and not what you don’t
So lets take the path of least resistance
because you will always get where you want to go
and what you deserve or earned along the way
depends on how you look at it
Or what was written in the stars
the next chapter in the book of fate
So take it on the chin or leave it at the door
letting the chips land where they may
And if you are good
someone’s daddy’s going to buy you a diamond ring
Pay back is always a bitch when you don’t own the high road
and back seat drivers take the wheel
So don’t make promises you can’t keep
because a house divided against itself cannot stand
And while a picture paints a thousand words
all I see is a blessing in disguise when I look at you
So hold on to your hat because you haven’t seen anything yet
the best is yet to come when you’re standing
between a rock and a hard place….

To be continued…

© 2016 Trilby Yates