Old Neighborhood


The High Line NYC

Looking back,
Taking the first step forward,
Inhaling the old neighborhood
Deep breath…sigh…
Visual memories are like photographs
Some make me laugh,
Some move me to tears
While others tug at the heart strings
Slight smile turn the corners of my mouth…
Thought about you and
The way you would lie,
For a free smoke or a dime
Paper tigers and fireflies…
Led us down a potpourri of alleyways,
To the innocence of youths
Beautiful indiscretions
Turquoise eyes glowing in neon nights,
Making love in the back seat
Of abandon cars,
West Side Highway,
Or floating down Riverside…
I noticed you out of the corner of my left eye,
Still riding life on the flip side…
Reading postcards from another time

Looking back ~

Patty G lived in Apt. 2 B…
Anthony on the 9th floor,
Fire escape was a long way down…
Endless after midnight~
We shared the loss of our virginity,
And who’s who doing the 10th Ave shuffle…
Never quite making the grade,
But always a good time along the way~
Mrs. Vignetto chattered in Italian
As Mrs. Eisenberg would politely nod
Common bond Mothers united
As their son’s marched off to war
Your side, my side not much in between
Life in the 60’s
Bitter sweet and indifferent –

© 2016 Trilby Yates