Deviant Past

The days, shorter now – nights longer…
Appearing darker than the norm
Without the slightest hint of an artists color
Creative minds freeze dry skyline falls flat
With just a glaze of sepia
But, only around the rough edges
And I have a hole in my one size fits all
Italian handmade 100% cotton shirt
Revealing more than my self exposed – Deviant Past
And there is a loose thread
From talking to much and most likely…way to fast
And a button fell off of my personal favorite
Pinstriped mannish looking vest
Rolling out with the grandeur
Of the infamous Velveteen carpet
Into oncoming traffic
Just when the light was turning from
A  cautionary sunshine yellow
To a blood curdling crimson red
What could I do, what could be said
I’ve been stopped in my forever hesitant
Walking backwards and always covered self absorbed tracks
Can’t seem to find the perfect reflection
Or the perfect match
While always burning a scented candle
At both ends
And from where I am standing
At the end of this oh so lovely pier
Waves rolling in
A repetitive taunt
Hypnotic intention
I maintain a blank yet stoic stare
While the Man In The Moon 
Knows all too well it is the end
Of just another day full of grace
Glancing up at his historical expression
All I want to do is slap that grin
Off his distant untouchable face…
Putting an end to the haunting progression
Of this my solitary invisible place
Instead I lose my footing once more
Sweetly blanketed Cellophane Pseudo Sea
The familiar Sound my only safe haven
So I will conclude and soulfully concede
Taking a deep breath
While I quietly weep
I have but one choice
That is to reluctantly give in
…and take it to the deep ~

© 2016 TrilbyYates