Magic 8 Ball

Love is a blank
sheet of paper,
a black hole;
shooting stars
veer off
into the darkness
when there is
– nothing…
Love is a genie in a bottle 
with no way
to escape,
at the mercy
of its master
…It is the closest thing
to the magnificent
Magic 8 Ball, 
revealing all
without being smashed
into tiny pieces;
black ink and words
meaningless puddle
spill across the floor
Love is complex
in its simplicity
…the waxing and waning
of the moon,
the shift
from left to right,
or sway
from side to side
Love rides the tide,
it skips a beat
and loses nothing
when it moves on;
has no advice
or words of solace
as it slips away
without the slightest
sense of abandon –
Simply a joy
to have known you…

© 2016 TrilbyYates