Thread Of Intent

through life
holding onto
what ever seemed
to fit at the time;
– any given circumstance
But, truth be told,
truth to behold,
it never genuinely did
Now, as I glance back
awareness is
an acquired virtue,
an eye opener,
a solid transforming kick,
a heart stopping pause,
without hesitation,
deep breath – no room to exhale – moment
Off in the distance
reflective brilliance glares,
reveals all the misfit
sequence of events;
off the shoulder tie dyed
one of a kind indiscretions…
And I have no one,
to share the blame
or the splendor
I walk my path alone;
a solo journey – er,
subconscious choice – I suppose
Worthy of mention
in a high brow setting…
Dialogue superficial,
gender bias,
misogynistic over the top
detachment of thought
Yet, time nor distance
can deter what has been
weaved together
united via a word,
a strangers glance,
an occasion shared,
– deemed extraordinary

We are all connected,
a single thread of intent…

© 2016 TrilbyYates