Goddess Of Delight

New York City’s
Side walk
Grey scale rush
Crowded void
400,000 strong
Zip-locked masses
Shoulders bump
Causing discomfort
And souls bounce
Woman wrapped
In Belief garb
Floats in a mystical fog
Feet don’t seem
To touch the ground
Too close for comfort
One might say
One might have
A sense of push back
Automatic reaction
Too close for comfort
Eyes crystal clear
Orbs tell a story
Accent-ed words
Mingle with the scent
Reminiscent incense
Throwback memory lapse
She reaches out
Touches my hand
“…please put your name in the book…”
Improvised words
With good intention
I can not hide
The puzzled expression
Mystified suggestion
Cloaking my face
For solitary protection
Small gold emblem
Placed into my pocket
Work Smoothly Lifetime Peace
Torn folded page
Handwritten name
Scratched in vein
For reassurance
For salvation
For दान Dāna – donation
Soaking blood red beads
Slipped around my wrist
In the holiest of exchange
Warmest thoughts
And well wishes
– from the Goddess Of Delight 

© 2016 TrilbyYates