Just Another If I could

If I could I would…

Sell everything I own
Close all my bank accounts
Never pay taxes that would fund another war
Let my hair grow long and wear it in dread locks
Sleep on the beach under a sky filled with stars
Spend endless hours walking the shoreline collecting sea glass and shells
Once a week throw it all back and start all over again
Let the sun shine on me and not worry about anything
Sail away to a warm peaceful place
Drink wine from the bottle and date each cork with permanent marker
As if it were my last day on earth
Learn Italian, French, Spanish, Greek
Go to Italy
Ireland, Scotland, Wales…etc…
Own an apartment in Rome that has a window
With a magnificent view of the Trevi Fountain
Play the lead role in “La Dolce Vita”
Share a cup of espresso with Fellini and discuss “intent”…
Cruise my sailboat “Magdalene” on the Caribbean Sea
Following the sun from port to port
Keep my children close
Friends would come and visit
Nightmares would turn into beautiful daydreams
My heart would heal
Love would find me
Love would hold my hand
Love would never leave or fade…

If I could…I would…

© 2016 TrilbyYates