Slow Dance

We were a slow dance; a block party smooth the sound of Rosie and The Originals - floatsabove "Angel baby, my angel baby; whoo hoo I love you, whoo hoo I do..." in-sync two step - glide. © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.


Gingerly stepping forward, one foot in front of the other Wrapped in a magical envelope: a time bubble bounce 50 years ago, a brilliant recollection tsunami Images play out like an old 60's flick Color, black and white slo-mo With memory snap shots, tiny mementos Crystal clear gifts, wrapped in teenage angst For a moment …

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Love Knots

Is it ever just the way the light falls on the curves of your face like the waters of the Niagara - breath taking...takes my breath or is it the angles of your cheeks highlighting an ancient place sacred knowledge inherent lines a road map introspective of your fathers eyes and a mouth that speak …

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