Timothy Leary

Standing on the sidewalk a small man with a cigar

leering past a puff of smoke

clouds camouflage his true intentions

conveyor belt rolls me in to a land of the unknown

no cart just a red basket in hand

and the lights glare chasing the shadows

clarity is a check out counter

and the cashier can’t pronounce my name

off to the left is a midget on a stepping stool

and a woman wearing a burka

glares at the length of my skirt

while two Chinese ladies debate the expiration date

on a can of chow mien

and the eggplant echo’s a dull thud

ready or not life is a ride in the express lane

guaranteed to derail half way there

and who cares when jumping the line

is like a free trip from Timothy Leary

only there is never a way back

to days of long ago and innocence

that somehow reinvent themselves over time

and in the here and now I still wonder

when, what is not beyond the chapters of sanity

will this life resonate all it has to offer…

© 2016 Trilby Yates