Mulling It Over

The sound of footsteps shuffle by slow drag on the left side

some memories linger like a full kiss soft lips

boy sitting under a full moon church yard by the lake

Parisian night smell of canvas and oils – chalk images outline nude figures

hands of romance radiant eyes your touch was all I knew

consequences were a distant star the Milky Way is so very far away

so far, far away

and as time moves on new lines are written…

I’ve sailed within limitless tides of high, tides of low

you held my heart precious silver goose treasured gold

my music man he comes and goes leaving notes that fill the spaces

that flow through my veins and hollowed places

when will you play your song for me again…

creative powers pull me in; last time reflective bounce

twin flame and soul connection – my life continues

self portrait a master piece of perception

imitation of art and such…

© 2016 Trilby Yates