Looking Out To Sea

It was something
something out of a movie scene
From Here To Eternity
we were laying in the sand
tide came up rushing over us
all entangled arms and legs
finger tips tracing
a pathway to the soul
your mouth on mine
whispering words
…you are so beautiful
so beautiful…
kissing my neck
gentle hands
holding me close
eyes closed
sensations like a hot wire
and I heard a voice say
I love you
I love you…
and realized it was mine
in that moment time stopped
the tide went out
and didn’t come back in
and we were standing
looking at each other
you had such a puzzled look
on your face
a puzzled look
and I apologized
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to say that
I don’t love you
I like you
I care about you
but I don’t love you…like that
you just stood there
with a puzzled look
on your face
and I knew
it was not you I saw
it was him
and I’m sorry for that
it wasn’t you I was looking at
it was him
and the tide went out
and didn’t come back in
and I was standing there alone
looking out to sea
looking out to sea

© 2016 TrilbyYates