Death Of A Female Poet

Slipping away
Into a sweet space
Reverie peace maker
Holds my hand
Feather bed comfort
Safe haven soothsayer
Fluffy white pillows
Lavender and lace
Lulling me into
A deep sleep
Dreams in sepia
Hints of color
– and a spray
Of black and white
Vintage montage
In the powerful Atlantic air
I am standing high above
Second floor balcony
Overlooking the Saugatuck River
Noon sun burning in the sky
Letting it all in with eyes shut
A better way to see
All the magical images
Encompassing me
– and off in the distance
Someone is picking up
A loaded gun, taking aim
– and shooting at me
1st shot center 3rd eye
2nd shot left of the heart
Pulsating blood beat
Words entwined
No rhythm no rhyme
Words suspended
There is no sense of time
– and as the light
Begins to shift and fade
I feel everything
A rush of sweetness
– and surrender
A loss of fear
A loss of rage
– and as the high tide
Murky Saugatuck waters
Begin to flow over me
Pushing beyond
The eternal waves
Floating into a deep grey sea
The Long Island Sound
Is singing my name
– and welcoming me…Woman Of The Page

© 2016TrilbyYates