Dazzling My Senses

All the human elements
lined up with perfection
– the tangible and the abstract…
The underlying passions and dreams;
the insecurities and vulnerabilities – risk factors
We all have our fantasies
tucked away quietly at times,
joyful exhilaration at others – how risqué
– slightest blush at the thought
I tumbled willfully without intention
into a gentle comforting place
as if magically conjured up
by some unknown source;
Moirai song of fate
pleasantly lulling away
any sense of fear – or logic
Surprised how perfectly
your hand fit into mine;
sand and sea – intoxicating…
A sense of knowing reassured
an unwillingness to turn away
Admitting that sometimes
I fall down the rabbit hole – with eyes wide
Alice In Wonderland’s flawed belief
questioning all that is good
and all that is grand,
all that is outstanding
and unique – simply sublime
Smiling at the familiarity
acknowledged by the look in your eyes
My life has become a free fall
– with no expectations
Allowing me to keep clear
of becoming judgmentally minded
So while thunder storms
and high humidity swirled around us
dazzling my senses…
– you leaned in and kissed me once more ~

© 2016 TrilbyYates