I Cry For You

Walking out knee deep
Fluid reflections glimmer
Walking out shifting sandbar
Low tide is a slow rise
The moon sits stoically
On a fine line drawn
Across the horizon
And I can only imagine
What is beyond the curve
Of this narcissistic planet – Earth
Or the destination of shooting stars
First hand knowledge burn out
Slips beneath my own personal radar
The way love vanishes mysteriously
Into the stillness of a dark night
Or shutters as the light of day
Seeps into creases of awareness
Sudden winds blow like a cold slap
Chilling the hearts of lonely lovers
A harsh realization…bitter sweet
The dance leaves me senseless
Leaves me empty
…I cry for you
East coast rainy Saturday
Music playing in the background
Lyrics that hit home
Lyrics I should have written
Back when life wasn’t so convoluted
Flipping from page to page
Familiar visions old photos
Memories open the flood gates
To those no longer here
Outside of this sphere
Loved ones that touched my heart…changed my life
Loved ones and friends interchangeable affections
East coast rainy Saturday
Leaves me empty
…I cry for you

© 2016 TrilbyYates