The Last Day

The day before
the last day
of the year
any year
with some reluctance
and reflective pause
we move forward
spinning like a top
like a wild beast
is chasing us
the wind whistles
silly baby songs
in perfect tune
of days gone by
but we move forward
because that is
what we do
that is what we must do
life is a free flow
fast falling drop
from a heavenly sky
a splendid journey
from dust to dirt
and all that is
we make and take
the most of it
…or not
but it is the most
we can make
the most we can take
when that is all we know
and given we are human
with silk ribbons of optimism
tied around our wrist
subtle reminders
with one foot always
remaining in the clouds
and the other
sliding into the grave
just because
because we know
we know we have
a shelf life
a time limit
an expiration date
…of sorts
no deals in a back room
black light swaying
from side to side
shadowy figure
finger pointing
sign on the dotted line
no cross roads
doesn’t matter
what we have
or don’t
how much cash
is on hand
a bargain with the devil
good faith – last smirk
nothing will extend
our credit
for another day
so we dance
with the best of them
we sing
with the worst
and laugh
like there is no tomorrow
because there isn’t
we have this moment
shine a light
in the darkness
for those we will leave behind…

© 2016 TrilbyYates