Unawakened Knowledge

Is this life set in stone?
A book or song with words
events that take twists and turns
allowing fleeting moments of joy
to tempt the stars – fate
Yet to slip from sweet lips to tears
of sorrow…
When did life become less
than something to cherish
but rather dread…
When did the light of another day
take a turn from a blessing to a curse
carrying with it the weight of the world?
Somehow, someway born into an un-awakened
knowledge yet to learn, to experience…
Wishing to be born in another era;
a flapper girl with feathers and wings
that would sustain silver dreams on moon beams
to places yet to be discovered…
When music was coming of age
and notes had not yet been played
that followed one another
a brilliant vibration on spaces in between
held with anticipation bated breath
and whispering humbleness (Shakespeare)
What was new
What was next
Oh yes such sweet silence…
The power of song
The power of words
Creative imaginations burst into flames
– of purest delight
Stones un-turned
Flowers, anticipation to be inhaled
looked upon in awe!
The first kiss on the cheek of a new child,
life with its ephemeral glimpses of joy…

…when did I come to know that this is not where I should be?
And yet here I am again and again – a continuous loop.

© 2016 TrilbyYates