Black Leather Box

Short notes abbreviated symbols in place of emotions
The latest craze communicate via emoji, IM, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc
But you; you send me actual ‘letters’ strung together
Creating words, creating sentences
Words strung together short and sweet…cryptic messages
Stealing the wit of my personalized pearl analogy
And I’m drawn in and I look around as if being secretly watched
– cautious, but with intrigue and questioning what did you mean by that?
I stumble for a dictionary or google, Wikipedia or some other resource
To translate those words placed in such an order
Old blues man mumbles something about a double entendre
A two sided coin flipped high into the air, landing gently
And the meaning could be heads you win tails I lose
– either or it all feels the same way
You see; anticipation, expectation is a path that will lead to my ultimate demise
The mind wanders and floats to and fro lavender and lace
The heart opens and closes like a door; automatic lock-down
Roses and stardust blown across a lovers face
And then an unexpected twist foregone conclusion never the source of intention
Insecurity begins to rise higher and higher sending me back to a safer time
When the gold band worn on my left hand was held with the utmost regard
And life could never change and love would linger sweetly on and on and on…
I open the dresser drawer and take out a black leather box, three rings fit snugly inside
Diamonds are forever and etched with care words of always love yours mine
The year a starting point a moment in time when the pendulum began to swing
And the hands of the clock start to circle around and around – repeat
The way the earth, sun and moon do their dance – our dance
And now as I digress, my footing is slightly off kilter I light another candle
Whisper your name in muted light; I wish for one of two things
Neither actually within my grasp as I reach out into thin air feeling rather cold
Another year has come to an end and a new one only a few weeks in
My story continues to be told and your words have clung to a tiny piece of my heart
I question how do I continue…I question how do I even restart

©2017 TrilbyYates