Waters Edge

I walk the winters shoreline slow and easy
Bits of sand cling to the bottom of my boots
An occasional seashell eclipses my solitude – it becomes mine
A treasured token memory like a stranger that I take home just
For the night safe from a tidal uprising
I’ll enter the waters calm and plunge deep within
Searching for a peaceful time and send you off to war
There is little left when the sun rises and shadows begin to fall
And I, simply put, have nothing left, there isn’t any more

Morning light draws a fine line that glistens on the horizon
Sunshine builds castles in the sand as I walk away
They become vaguely familiar images filled with questionable
Dream like memories and jagged edged recall
My own imagination pulls me closer to the waters song
Drawing me under not a breath to be taken
Only my heartbeat remains the same even when no one else
….can hear it at all

© 2016 TrilbyYates