One of My Stories

It was Valentines Day…I made chocolate covered strawberries
you photographed them Nikon Kodachrome color never fades
the chemo nurse asked for a signed copy she collects strawberry photos
kitchen framed hanging on the wall fav patient she said
you graciously complied signature of an artist
a future Hallmark card never to throw away
take-out delivery dinner sushi deluxe
you bought a box of hot saki for me
we dressed up as if a night out on the town were apropos
Ginger Rogers and Johnny Rotten who would have known
music floated around sweet sounds soothing
the difference between rock n roll drummers and Jazz
technique and beat drumsticks in hand tap, tap, tap
we sat in the living room funny name we laughed
Noguchi table white linens and candle light
chop sticks ginger and wasabi burning bright
a knock at the door top hat and spats
a bouquet of wildflowers left in sterile wrap
orange tiger lilies white daisies gentle spray of babies breath
babies breath shallow and sweet
we both seemed to buzz, vibrate in sync with the universe
a high from the experience and love – a well earned gift
a high from a low level oxygen intake – breathe deeply
bare necessities when so much exists between two people
…the space is clear our wealth intoxicating

– drip drip drip background noise continuous

©2017 TrilbyYates