Straight Line Curve

Recollection torn side swipe that first invasion
that first intrusion 6 maybe 7
a blur a clean break not a splintered snap or scrape
leaving flesh or bone behind a clean clear break
a nothingness a child erased innocence obliterated
thin air smoke rising high dissipates
disappears evaporates
the form remains hollowed out – inside in
reflective bounce haze
take a deep breath when the night lights
are out
and the wind blows
the coast is clear
now now breathe…

13 clear cut 13 confrontation
taking a stand hands shaking small voice quivering
fear shame gut reaction nonsensical emotions
no blame no fault no flaw nothing straight line bullshit
streaming a threat a vow a promise
truth never told conceal reveal
30 years silence wrapped in a white bath towel
silence carefully transferred from internal
voices screams confusion to an abstract conclusion
misunderstood self preservation
not knowing what you don’t know
what you shouldn’t know
but it is instinctive
second nature
without the trip switch
without a cautionary flash
a pointed warning
nothing ever shifts
without a 6th sense

Time flies dark cave
spot light tunnel vision
shift sift slip day to day
tomorrow is a slipped noose tight
remaining an occasional reminder
that occasional off the cuff
opportunity knocks and knocks
violent physical reaction
day dreams and night schemes
bright translucent memories
shadowed pen and ink
dot to dot point to point
it is a straight line curve

©2019 TrilbyYates