Cloth folds perfection in the creases piled high anxiety I breathe in – deep exhaling the pain out that chokes so much
of what remains running through my veins even when
I’m semi-comatose to the daily grind and flowers are tossed in the trash day two wilt don’t worry there will always be more tomorrow when a lover steps across the line windowsill leap of faith trusting the absence of rejection and do I in my aloofness trip up with a kiss so deep the question posed for another day lands squarely in the answer
– it will come when needed the most
skipping stones frozen waters run deep and I’m just slipping from day to day the deepest moments rise up faithfully
maybe it’s the solitude the warmth the quiet my life in snippets and I recall his hand as it squeezed mine and whispers – babe are you still there
stumbling not sure why harsh words interrupted bliss
not an excuse but a thought possibility contemplate examining ever single thread that formed the ultimate widows web
but I’ve lost something…focus I suppose sky high saints and sinners angel wings a reminder – how far I’ve fallen
while on bended knee I entertain begging for forgiveness but
circle around around rewind rewind

©2018 TrilbyYates