….thinking back
don’t give a damn
about so many things
that used to be paramount
to this vehicle
this lump of flesh and bone
saltwater draw like a fish
I could jump in
leap of faith
no wings of better angels
fluttering in the perfection
of a sea breeze
just the magnification of gills
lung-esk movements oxygen from water
a phantom mermaid’s dual transformation
freeing tranquil flexing
even that feels daunting
a male preconceived notion of female sexuality
I’m not the French maid type
or Dan Draper secretary
can’t buy into the misogynist view
when you’ve lost your pretty you’ve lost your way
never had a way other than
a great escape always on the run
happy to be here one day to the next
long term is as abstract as the moon
being made of lunar rocks
– I was going to say cheese, but how cliché
not sure why it would even matter
when what goes on here
planet earth is a battle to the end
win lose or draw
a revolution flipped upside down and inside out
depending on the decade
we haven’t come far have we
neanderthal mentality runs rampant
male fear-based my —— bigger than yours
and man news flash no one really cares, truly
but for those in the top 1%

©2019 TrilbyYates