Linen Sheets

I wear a kimono drink Tito’s with Topo Chico and lime
Cry when too many questions are asked
No malice “…wanting to get to know you…”
Look around reminders soft whispers
Catch me off guard my chest aches
You are gone but I know you are here
Seems I can’t or won’t let go
Been warned you are earth bound
They don’t know what it’s like
To feel so close reaching
Like smoke and water dissipate
Gasping for air drowning going under
One more time, repeatedly
Explaining it’s not like
A divorce or break up
The avenue of redemption remains
A phone call hang up call back
Throw stones break glass
Cause a scene apologize plead for forgiveness
Death is access denied profoundly-non
Widows walk rosary beads candle light incense
Meditate hocus pocus sage and white magic

I sleep on linen sheets and dream of sailing

©2019 TrilbyYates