Earth Bound

A cool fall night sleepy winds blow,
It’s not official but so close I can hear you breathing
The dreams come, tender moments, your face, your touch
And a sudden shift like a rug yanked out from under my feet
Our life; you, you, you
The shift, disarray; mix of fear and loss
Pieces shattered, splinters fly
The siren blaring and time stops.

Leaves let go of branches; tumbling down
The air lifts and shifts spinning like a dancer
Feeling the music, the beat penetrating the body
Similar to a mother and child growing up
Golden thread perfectly weaved from birth
Cut free falling, an invisible bond
And age makes us wiser; age prepares us for letting go
Leaf to branch, mother to child

A year later she tells me I’m not moving on
I’m are not letting you go, you are still here; earth bound
And in that moment my mind flips from image to image
Promises made, moments, clarity sharp and precise
My tears wrapped in anger, remorse, grief
Oh no, no he’s going to stay here
Right here! He promised, promised, promised
Shrill echos, your voice; my sobs – fade out
Hours later, a few Xanax in,
I speak softly to you
You gently touch my face; place my hand on your chest
You remind me to always feel your heartbeat;
You are always here
I smile and finally, I sleep
Wrapped in a warm blanket,
Wrapped in your arms, wrapped in your arms
Sleep, peaceful revery

Morning light is like a gun shot to my senses
Another day of love letters and photographs,
Your wedding ring on my finger
A constant reminder, a continuous burn
Of sun rises and sun sets

…and you remain earth bound

©2019 TrilbyYates