Significance Of Time

Keepsakes found tucked away somewhere
In-between the pages of my past
Held lovingly in the arms
Of worn bindings and bookcases
Dust flies defensively
Almost as a way of protection
From the invasion of my
Seeking hands and eyes
The reclusive nature of a “fade-away”
Forgotten notes found and remembered
In a twist of time and reflection
My chest bursts as memories flood
The four walls of my circumstance
And as new beginnings collide
I begin to drown heart deep
And questions are more like statements
Than something posed or an expected answer
Words of love and silly phrases
Meeting places – our grand escape
Pressed flowers, silk ribbons tied
Coasters from our favorite restaurant
Messages dated and time stamped
Forever and ever til there was no more
Photo Booth snap shots forget-me-nots
Scribbled sketches in magic marker
Cherub’s arrow connecting yours initials to mine
A future, a destination – plans for tomorrow
All slowly fade off and drift into an abyss
Of nothingness and the significance of time

©2020 TrilbyYates