Twilight Blues

Twilight lasts until the sunrise chases it away
A magical part of a new day dawning
A continuous repetitive cycle pushing me forward
The monotony of it doesn’t bore me, nor a life long love
Hell bent or chasing angels, I float reluctantly
Wind chimes are still; even in the midst of a storm
Dream-catchers toss and turn; shake rattle and roll
Baby’s breath stands the test of time
– last breath in the vase of ephemeral bloom
And somewhere out there my dreams and hopes remain
Slightly worse for wear, frayed a bit here and there
Maybe unrecognizable in the moments rush
But as lessons are learned I will never give up
– or give in to the moments of shame
Nothing is a sure bet as I spin the wheel of fate
Déjà vu has become a window into where I have been
Next life, new love, new love; I will remain faithful
Never on my knees, I stand strong; although white knuckling it
Rosary beads slips between my fingers,
Yet the meditation of it soothes my weary soul
I am the author of my own story, leaving the blame game untethered
Turning the other cheek is not always an option
But the flip of the page is cathartic – a beginning anew
Pen to paper old school, starting over again and again…

©2021 TrilbyYates