Individual Snowflake

Snow falls covering the river
and for a moment
as hours pass
endless imagery for the weary
a respite a touch of awe and delight
the beauty reaches deep into my chest
encompassing it
a gentle massage to the heart
keeping the beat rhythm-atic
so not to grow cold
– from the inside out
the sight of each flake
as it descends instinctively
brings me to a flurry of tears
the intricacies each individual flake
does not escape me these days
hands of God the Goddess
a signature not to be ignored
life love and desire
for each breath taken
when they were not yours
beware heed the warnings
absence of sincerity-lack of clarity
masks will ultimately fall to the floor
and as the door closes deep into the night
shadows shift and hover
careful not to be discovered
sounds of silence wake no one
as that was the truthful deception
witnessed by none but honest – nonetheless …

Window to the east captivate,
distracts as winter takes hold
all I can do is hope for a peaceful spring
where love and light unfold
meanwhile tossing stones across the bay
when the last snowflake falls
and ambivalence begins to slowly drift
and eventually fade away fade away

©2021 TrilbyYates