Goddess Of My Heart

What will it take to push past the moment
where all my thoughts are tangled
and memories, images keep weaving
between tears and anger?
there is no rational;
truth or lies
that can change the outcome
the place I’ve landed is foreign to me
uncomfortable, unprotected
and roaming in the wilderness
of ambivalence and uncertainty
the point of weakness and vulnerability
seeps into every word and breath taken; shared
and those places were once held in reverence; holy
a sacred place that has now been violated
how do I get that back;
my sense of safety and value
my place in a world that holds the heart
like a tender tear as it falls
down the cheeks of saints
and forgiven sinners?
the world now appears full
of half truths and secrets
the Goddess of my heart is sleeping
weary, on respite – a soul searching retreat
recalculate and shift the apprehension
to a place of renewal and glorious intuition
tattered and torn resurrection

The door slowly closing remains slightly ajar
leaving hope at the corner of 444 and Nevermore

©2021 TrilbyYates