Deep Breath Blow

A sigh, a deep breath in, hold, hold, hold; blow, blow
Another sigh this time I’ll give it a name
It will become an honored daily tradition
A sigh, a name, deep breath, blow – Relief
These days I walk into the wind
I catch snowflakes on my tongue
I’m in awe of the community
The formation of flight
Birds of a feather flock together
I used to run from the storm
Now I chase after it;
Welcoming open arms
To my left you stand, calm
With your gentleness exposed
Your arms outstretched
A shelter from the storm
And we share the moment
We relish in the wisdom
Of what we have weathered
– separately
What we found on the other side
– together
The sun is shinning this morning
Love fills all the spaces
Love like liquid flows

A sigh, a name, deep breath blow – Love

©2021 TrilbyYates