A Vow

On this day I sit in the quiet, meditate on the sound
Of my own breathing; aware of the rise and fall of my chest
The way my heartbeats and slows down as I drift away
I reflect and I vow not to deny events or the people
That tore at the fabric of who I am or what I hold so dear;
What I cherish and inhale to survive when betrayal wears me down

You gather the feathers of angels
Set upon my wings so I can soar above
And then to let it all go…I vow to let go
With Mary as my witness, the Goddess
Mother of all that is honest
My truth, my love and integrity
Runs evenly through my veins like
Holy water as I am anointed

Today you hold my hand while
tears flow as if there is no end
and you don’t question you clear a space
that is full of love and acceptance
and when I am brought to my knees
you wrap me in a blanket of our possibilities
a kiss, a vow and let go…

©2021 TrilbyYates