This Girl

An occasional flash – lightening rod memories
With a touch of blue/red blood dipping
From my sleeve to the wood planked floor
A reminder that this girl is not immune to heartache
Flowers fill the spaces with the scent of lavender and lily of the valley
Sprinkled throughout my hair with a crown of baby’s breath
As if the Messiah were walking around in my skeleton
Hijacking my soul; bone to bone and the beat pounds on and on
Leaning in reflective bounce, I wonder where I will go from here
This place of love and trust, a passion for life and art
Like a sunbeam shimmering between a sunrise and the horizon
A slim ray of light saturated in hope, wishful thinking and love
Or reminiscent of an envelope slipped underneath a door
Secrets neatly tucked within a sealed piece of white paper
Folded perfectly for things yet to be revealed; so much of our day to day
Concealed when this girl knows her place and tends to fight the system
As if the world could, if only it would explode with joy
Or a renewed sense of truth and beauty
They say one cycle, all four seasons the test of time
Your whispers send a chill throughout my body when you hold me close
And on those occasions when this girl is in lockdown hiding under the bed
A shallow breath taken; breathe deeply quiet hush – shadows wander
And sleep comes when demons die; chanting mantra, love is love is love

©2021 TrilbyYates