Empirical Call

Early morning in the city sun begins to rise – Big Apple shine
World wide center of the universe
And when love fly’s by it’s an overhead
Of all that is old and all that is new
Side-walk up beat and the heart remains open
To this or that and all the in-between
Although the caveat remains wrapped in a past
Like an unintentional strangle hold
His hand remains in the center of my chest
A continued reminder; a consistent tap tap tap
Last words bounce; overflow…I will never leave you
Days turn into weeks and months and years
I walk out on the jetty; sand and sea blanket
Wrapped around me for safekeeping
…from those that haunt, nighttime angst
He floats above no matter where I rest
And as I look out, horizon and beyond – steadfast and true
I wonder if there is a God, Heaven, Purgatory or Hell
And if he ignores an empirical call to remain
To touch my hand when darkness comes
Or am I the one keeping him tethered
To a moment of timeless heartache and grief…
I wish I could set him free…thirteen years and counting

© 2021 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.