Lovers Fade

Is the pivot in the law or in the facts?
They both blow by like phantom pain
My lovers all fade brilliantly into shape-shifters
It depends some-times on how loud the clock tics;
or the way a morning light lands delicately on linen
How quickly will they ponder or gently fade away?
Early AM 5:55 bust, even with a sensational view;
the Big Apple is a temptation that even I won’t deny
Off in the distance a siren blares a warning or threat?
911 on speed dial to my heart and tethered to my soul
I wonder if anyone cares the way I do…
or is it my imagination running wild
There are moments, heart stings left behind;
like footprints forever sealed in freshly pour cement
Yet I have no foundation, mine was never set in stone
But remains consistently fluid, steadfast and true

© 2021 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.