Femme Fatale

Today I release the shadow of my vulnerabilities;
and as I stand here amidst the wreckage
I feel the ground shaking, trembling
and I hear the bones of my soul rattle
– a sacred sound to a sinners ear
Beneath my feet deep within the earths surface
as if the fault lines have been cracked wide open
exposing my insecurities and lacking as a human being;
to have ever in my wildest dreams been or felt whole;
I am forever self-forsaken and incomplete
Exposed for the fraud that I am; that I have chosen to be
I have torn off my mask, revealing and concealing
The femme fatale wears thin and frays
with lust and passion; truth, time and sage
Yet my words so freely flow from pen to paper
for whom ever’s desire it is to read
But, there will never be anyones eyes
I will allow to truly see…

© 2021 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.