Beneath The Waves

Heading home early morning; sun’s up but I haven’t seen the rise
Uber cuts across the avenue, traffic lights blinking out of sync
And I am drowning once again in the turning of an emotional tide
Still sleepy six blocks and counting Hudson River morning ferry
And there’s a vibration in the center of my chest where love songs rest
While a familiar swan song swoons faithfully in the background
It is a wake up push of sorts – self sabotage rub
Second guessing love or lust; my nightmares fade when I’m in your bed
Seductive images of a passionate night dance above
Shimmering in the soft glow of candle light
And the hum of our heart…beats
I can still feel your kiss on my mouth
I touch my lips instinctively and smile
Closing my eyes I drift off like a baby child
Wrapped in a blanket of the morning after-s blinding light
The Goddess Aurora stretches across the city skyline
Questions land the way rain drops pool in the sand
I continue to slip beneath the waves in the aftermath of you

© 2021 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.