Not A Broken Heart

Every once in a while
a rare moment
when the past creeps in
and even on a bright
clear not a cloud in sight day
beautiful deep blue sky
and a cool almost spring breeze
brings me down drags me down
to hand shaking trembling
near tears level
it’s not a broken heart
or a missing
it’s more of
an intuition hit
a gut punch
a betrayal
a wow wtf moment
that hasn’t completely
disappeared although lessened
to a sense of not needing
deep breathes in deep breathes out
BLOW….as often

Real love has found me and with love and time all wounds will heal and doubts fade
Love is a gift not to be taken or used by the undeserving and yes some are undeserving
Today I will hold the hand of my lover, kiss him with intention purity and trust
Today I will take several deep breathes in, deep breaths out

©2021 TrilbyYates