The first sail, a the feeling of nothing beneath you but a fluid sense like water...fluid...ever changing...nothing stays the same...life I was dreaming about my husband...sleeping in the v-berthsinging songs with the angels. we were on my sailboatI prayed that he would keep singing and never stopWhen I realized it was an echo from the …

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Feeling Love

Je vous aime shouted across the bow wind blowing more knots than I've ever sailed and lands just left of the center of my chest and I knew in that moment there was more to feeling love... Words are my anchor © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.

Linen Sheets

I wear a kimono drink Tito’s with Topo Chico and lime Cry when too many questions are asked No malice “...wanting to get to know you...” Look around reminders soft whispers Catch me off guard my chest aches You are gone but I know you are here Seems I can’t or won’t let go Been …

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