Tongue and cheek
slap down
mixed match
lovers jest
one blink
loser begs
for mercy
there wasn’t
a time
when second thoughts
or lack of judgement
flying too high
meant it wasn’t
our time
but just as the fun
you slipped away
off to another land
without limitations
leaving me behind
trapped in the now
– oh you bastard,
yes I cursed
the wind your ashes
were blowing in,
the ocean tide
that carried you away
over and over
so many vivid dreams
color, black and white
confusion seemed
more the norm
than not
but it is within
those dream states
when you walk with me
whispers in the darkness
that somehow
keep me
from slipping
deeper into the shadows…

p.s….I question if I will thank you or slap you when we meet again at the “Pearly Gates”

© 2013 Trilby

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