Déjà vu Love Affair

You kissed me first,
I remember it well,
laughter fills the air
you flash that Sandbar grin
memories dock side
keep flaunting happiness
as if it were something
not fleeting
or a mere moment
of joy
from the past
your eyes meeting mine
not the first time
déjà vu
quick glance
second chance
my first Martini
Ohio nights
airline flights
and oh yes
fancy car
baked brie
you and me
we were always on
borrowed time
some might judge
but the punishment
would never
fit the crime
when something
magical happens
between two people
there is no reason
there is no rhyme
it just is what it is
a Blessing in disguise
the push of the Universe
with all its pure intention
nothing is accidental
phases of life
the twists and turns
the process comes
full circle
with love and no concerns

…when I dream of misty nights
with sails in the wind
waves begin to swell
a smile to my lips…

…that first kiss I knew it well

© 2013 Trilby

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