Note To MB

(Scene set up: this was written a while ago…wounded pride, ego kept me from posting…but with all things as time passes so does negativity…moving forward brighter days ahead!)

Note to MB:

Nothing is keeping my feet on the ground
short flight from yesterday
filling up on jet fuel
to keep all those tattered demons away.
And how do I separate you
from a gift from God –
…when my heart was highjacked back in the day
with a love that flowed forever so freely
from him to me eyes so green it made my heart ache!
Now and then I walk past his grave
and a hand from the “heavenly beyond” catches me off guard
with a sense of warmth and recollection.

Today I question your intentions and my own
because I don’t need or want you
the way I did him…

With warm regards for better luck next time around,

© 2013 TrilbyYates   

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