Not Forgotten

Those days of laughter,
shared smiles,
a nod of knowing…
they aren’t over yet
are they?Inquisitive questions
innocently posed in a way
that only the high
and mighty
could possibly answer…

And when the heart
feels even the slightest
bit of anticipation  –
like a dove taking flight
…peaceful wings span,
joy and exhilaration
occur when all is not lost
or forgotten –

Resilience comes
in many shades of blue,
profoundly humming
that loving tune…

The heart does not forget!

But, will fate step in?
…and as old tales are told
like a wandering shepherd
searching from dusk til dawn
I could remain lost
forever alone…

When truly all I want
is to feel the wind
on my face –
Feel the sand beneath
my feet –
Hear the sound of each note
played –
Reach for your hand
in the darkest of night
and know…

We are not forgotten ~

Even if forbidden
in a world of the faithful
living faithless lives.

My choice
to remain alone
rather than settle
for companionship.

To wait for
love so bold,
love that carries joy
tenderly in each word
volumes yet to be written
in the deepest part
of my soul worn and weary
I continue to hold
an open space for you –

© 2013 TrilbyYates

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