Happier Days Are On The Rise

Surprised at the emotions
spurred by photographs of you
a past romance and tenderness
not forgotten.
But a touch of fear
begins to surface – a simple notion
from chest to throat,
a slight pulse rise.
What if you feel
my lingering thoughts,
as they pass from here to there?
Would you even care?
No barriers when the mind
shoots energy into time and space;
dare I enter this long ago place?
…the wave surfaces
once more…

I have often allowed

a thought – a wonder
about all that you
would become.
Never regretting
moments shared;
entangled lovers,
even as we exposed
the most vulnerable
parts of ourselves…
Was it a lack of trust
that spiraled the two of us
in a different direction?
As your hand slipped from mine,
there seemed little to be said –
no loss of affection,
it was never about rejection…
there was no reason, no rhyme
words remain unspoken…

Our lives intertwined
repeatedly over time
as if the Gods had a plan.
Now, as I look to my left
there is a young boy
that mirrors images of innocence,
a youthful – you and me.
And, although I knew intuitively;
fear being my only guide,
of what was meant to be.
Consequences ebb and flow
today with reason and with rhyme
all my purpose and intent
I continually suppose…
What might have been –

Choices made and reality borrowed
there is always time for tears and sorrow
I have had my share – you too, I may never know.
But I will always remember one thing to be true
it was a gentler time shared between
me and you…
Happier days are on the rise ~

© 2014 TrilbyYates

5 thoughts on “Happier Days Are On The Rise

  1. Anonymous

    That would be nice SP, I think you already have…. I also view photographs of a past romance and tenderness not forgotten. Again, perfectly written. Butterflies…. :). Thank you.


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