Shifting Blame Shifting Time

Shifting time, shifting blame
an overly exposed place to be
Like an old black and white film
silence in the dramatic – pronunciation
classification weakened domination
of thought and word daydreams soothing
It is a beautifully worn white albatross
hanging with ease from your neck – you never take it off
…moved quietly with your tender touch
to the deepest part of my lost heart
Take the time to search it out
and walk gingerly through my shadow
Walk carefree and with ease
the vision is deep – the vision is wide
Please be careful not to disrupt my solitude
shifting blame, shifting time
It has been years to my amazement
I sometimes count them in my sleep
the way I hear the second hand moving
similar calming of counting sheep
Wishing I could somehow forget
forget the sound of your heavenly name
Wishing if only time could stand still
and everything that stood still – would remain the same
When you are alone in those private moments
a soft wind will blow tousling your hair about
A spray from the ocean will come across the bow
and your thoughts will be taken from here to there
And when the day begins to fade
turning into that peaceful space of gray
The sun slipping off to the west
and the moon begins to rise
I’ll stand on my side of the Sound
and play back every word you ever said
Every word etched in memorial stone
skipping lost seashells across the bay
and continue to wonder shifting time shifting blame
– what the fuck happened to you anyway…

© 2015 TrilbyYates

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