Footsteps In The Sand

When the veil is shed layer by layer
A glimmering light from the never forgotten
Is dulled by the glow of a not to distant future
A shift in ones heart beat and state of mind
Will ride out the storm that peacefully anticipates
The reoccurrence when the Widow meets the Captain 
From years ago on a tempestuous night
In a far away land when the past and present
Did not collide leading two souls
To fall from one pedestal to another
Only to land in loving hands
That could not be denied
Yet forbidden in a world
Of choice and morality
Atonement as a Guardian Angel 
So lines do not become blurred
Or washed out to sea
As the tide sweeps away
Lover’s footsteps in the sand
Only to long for another time
To create those footsteps once again…

© 2016 TrilbyYates