Love Knots

Is it ever just the way the light falls
on the curves of your face
like the waters of the Niagara
– breath taking…takes my breath
or is it the angles of your cheeks
highlighting an ancient place
sacred knowledge inherent lines
a road map introspective of your fathers eyes
and a mouth that speak volumes – whispers, I love you
without uttering a single syllable?

Silence is a profound aphrodisiac
if not a holy experience as a catholic genuflects
on bended knee hand to chest tap tap
that only the pure of heart, soul, thought
have the openness to experience, absorb – deepest breath in
and hold onto it…I know this to be true
As holy water drips from finger tips

And if my “true” is universal
And I believe it to be
And a kiss is a captured moment
Held gingerly between us held like a mirror
Reflective bounce back and forth to and fro swing
Is it a mere possibility or plausible excuse
That what ever else is shared
Eternity is nothing more; ever more, ever more
Than an outdated expression word drop fracture
And a night will always turn into a day
And your hand will reach in touch my heart
Each note passionately played sweetest strum
…of your guitar drift and sway
String snap love will set the pace
Dancing tangled up love knots that binds us…

©2018 TrilbyYates



Yes, I let you hold my hand
and I held yours…
– acknowledging a perfect fit
Yes, I let you look into my eyes
I curiously looked into yours…
– I didn’t blink or turn away
letting you past the walls of protection
Yes, I let you pull me close to you;
wrap your arms around me
and kiss me passionately
Yes, I reciprocated without hesitation
Yes, a warm wind blew
time stood still
– and yes my heart raced
Yes, I was intrigued, flattered
and slightly bewildered
Yes, all your words rang true
– and yes I am attracted to you
Yes, I have thought about you since
Yes, I have dreams about you
…the moment you leaned in
and took my breath away
…welcoming you with delight
Yes, I have wondered
what it would have been like…
if we had spent the night together
…if only, if only
Yes, I smile at the thought
of our stolen moment
Yes, it seemed you found
what I thought I had lost
– and genuinely returned it
Yes, we connected
Yes, I have no regrets

You might ask me why – my simple reply
“I let you into my head but not my heart darlin…”
And yes I would do it again…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Train Ride

Long train ride
eyes close
images sharpen
and the senses
seem unusually high
and maybe
it was the way
you kissed me
or the way your hand
was gently placed
in the lowest part
of my back
pulling me close
swaying to the music
dancing has never felt
so seductive
brushing my hair
off my neck
whispered words
the rhythm
from the top
of the crystalline
to the fiery depths
of hell
a moment in time
holds tenderly
perfection in memories
if nothing is accidental
all has purpose and intent
lessons lived
and lessons learned
explanations not needed
when two ships
in the night
and yet
remain connected –

…the conductor walks by, click, click…next stop Westport, walk two cars forward and watch your step…

© 2013 TrilbyYates (Metro North ~ photo by TYates)

Cherished Memento

Taking a long deep
beautiful breath in
Slowly accepting it,
gently holding it…
A cherished memento
Until the capacity
of my lungs – fill
Feeling the pressure,
the build up,
the freedom,
and the release
of all that has
held me back;
kept me in my own
self imposed sanction
Long insightful walks
down stone streets
City lights bounce
and reflect from
subject to object
Shimmering affect
like a pebble to water
dropped into the Fiume Arno
Rippling outward
without limitation
Image and vision
The imagination
has no boundaries
My sense of compassion
and love;
my sense of wanting
to explore
and experience
– everything
Simply walking
the streets at night
Taking in all
that is generously,
unconditionally offered
Fills my heart
Opens me up
to all that is possible
All that once
appeared dark
now has a light
shining with brilliance
Chasing away
insecurities, fears
–  reluctance
A smile from a stranger
Beautiful faces
and engaging eyes;
meet, connect and hold
gently hold the moment
like a treasured cherished memento

© 2015 TrilbyYates

A Theft Of The Heart

She counts all the men that have
come and gone rise and fall
tiny notches on her wall
and they will never know what piece of her
they have taken with them
and it’s not  anything transparent or cliche
words that rhyme or step away
it’s the subtleties in her voice
the way she touched their brow
and as they shuffle down the street
straightening their tie and belt buckle
they will never know the wonder
that she felt at their absence
the after thought or the expression of sorrow
for the lacking in how we have raised our boys
and to her amazement there is no hostility only remorse
for what they steal and never borrow
…a theft of the heart

© 2015 TrilbyYates 

Thread Of Intent

through life
holding onto
what ever seemed
to fit at the time;
– any given circumstance
But, truth be told,
truth to behold,
it never genuinely did
Now, as I glance back
awareness is
an acquired virtue,
an eye opener,
a solid transforming kick,
a heart stopping pause,
without hesitation,
deep breath – no room to exhale – moment
Off in the distance
reflective brilliance glares,
reveals all the misfit
sequence of events;
off the shoulder tie dyed
one of a kind indiscretions…
And I have no one,
to share the blame
or the splendor
I walk my path alone;
a solo journey – er,
subconscious choice – I suppose
Worthy of mention
in a high brow setting…
Dialogue superficial,
gender bias,
misogynistic over the top
detachment of thought
Yet, time nor distance
can deter what has been
weaved together
united via a word,
a strangers glance,
an occasion shared,
– deemed extraordinary

We are all connected,
a single thread of intent…

© 2016 TrilbyYates 


There are times when you meet someone
– and there are no words spoken
There is no agenda
There is no preconceived notion
There is that first look
That first visual forever etched into the mind
The color of the eyes – not even a smile
or glint of wonder
Just a simple clear sense of connect
And even if that “connect” doesn’t move
from here to there or ever go anywhere
Other than remaining in that split second;
– that moment in time
It holds a power all unto its own
And when the words are spoken
and a smile is shared…his eyes blue – mine brown
All is noticed and it remains still and quiet
And will never move beyond the ancient walls
of Firenze, Italia.

© 2015 TrilbyYates

Love Chanting

Summer sun
short circuit
cuts directly
from my brain
to my heart
eyes close
and I can see
…a clear path  – to you

Each ray
that shoots
across the bow
of this
magnificent vessel
mind and spirit
carrying with it
a message
…of love – to you

Chanting with the tide
full moon is on the rise

Goddess of Love
Goddess of Light

photo by TYates

© 2014 TrilbyYates