Love Chanting

Summer sunshort circuitcuts directlyfrom my brainto my hearteyes closeand I can see...a clear path  - to you Each raythat shootsacross the bowof thismagnificent vesselmind and spiritcarrying with ita message...of love - to you Chanting with the tidefull moon is on the rise Goddess of LoveGoddess of Light © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved

Love Knots

Is it ever just the way the light falls on the curves of your face like the waters of the Niagara - breath taking...takes my breath or is it the angles of your cheeks highlighting an ancient place sacred knowledge inherent lines a road map introspective of your fathers eyes and a mouth that speak …

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Train Ride

Long train ride NYC to CT eyes close images sharpen and the senses seem unusually high and maybe it was the way you kissed me or the way your hand was gently placed in the lowest part of my back pulling me close swaying to the music dancing has never felt so seductive brushing my …

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