Cherished Memento

Taking a long deep
beautiful breath in
Slowly accepting it,
gently holding it…
A cherished memento
Until the capacity
of my lungs – fill
Feeling the pressure,
the build up,
the freedom,
and the release
of all that has
held me back;
kept me in my own
self imposed sanction
Long insightful walks
down stone streets
City lights bounce
and reflect from
subject to object
Shimmering affect
like a pebble to water
dropped into the Fiume Arno
Rippling outward
without limitation
Image and vision
The imagination
has no boundaries
My sense of compassion
and love;
my sense of wanting
to explore
and experience
– everything
Simply walking
the streets at night
Taking in all
that is generously,
unconditionally offered
Fills my heart
Opens me up
to all that is possible
All that once
appeared dark
now has a light
shining with brilliance
Chasing away
insecurities, fears
–  reluctance
A smile from a stranger
Beautiful faces
and engaging eyes;
meet, connect and hold
gently hold the moment
like a treasured cherished memento

© 2015 TrilbyYates