Word Flow Vice

There is a sense
of dread lingering
deep dark longing
wrapped tightly
to the point
of paralysis
I do not pause
or hesitate
Fear is not a driving force
Narcissistic identity bender,
insanity root of inspiration,
and subconscious driving force
I have my words,
my pen and paper;
sword of sorts
And when I am alone
in this place of anonymity
it remains a surreal
untouchable source of truth
and provocative profanity –
I do not hide
behind my words
Yet – I struggle to speak
As each layer
is painstakingly
torn away,
tiny pieces of my soul
are revealed
And as the reader
may skim over this page,
little does one know
what turmoil lie beneath
each dotting of an “i”
or crossing of a “t” –
Searching for perfection
in an imperfect way,
to translate thought,
mindful imagery
to a more tangible form
The written word
scratched on a piece of paper
shreds of detail
pieced together
Patterns scattered about;
brilliant creation
Something to view
Something to think about
And though it is never enough
and it is never completely complete
Even as the words begin to move
into a slow-go finality,
there remains an endless well
of inspiration…word flow vice

© 2015 TrilbyYates