Take It Or Leave It

Middle of the room view stepping back panoramic scanning
reflection and recognition breath-taking realization life hasn’t been kind at times
Like the bully in the playground you can either take the hits and grimace
or slug it out black eye badge of honor and humility that only you can see;
and they say that is all that matters, right – so you hold the image cherish it
Wrapping it around your pride like a warm blanket, the only comfort you truly own
Between the darkness and slivers of light that force their way into your main vein 
Between the moments of despair and self loathing that will break a heart
The power of hope and anticipation whisper tenderly to the soul…

“Hold on tight little darlin you haven’t hit rock bottom yet,
promise from there it’s all an upward ride!”

© 2016 TrilbyYates