Your Shirt

 Self portrait

Warm breeze and sunshine
off in the distance is a sound
so familiar it makes me weep
whispers I love you
and sighs of contentment
leave me wandering
in rooms from the past
the day to day never dull
or mundane
the scent of you remains…
I wear your shirt
arms wrapped around me
like a sweet song of love and devotion
melody penetrates my soul
comfort is held close in cotton and linen
threads of color and texture
you skip lightly through my thoughts
like dandelions blown from youthful lips
to wishes of promise and forever after –
is there a tomorrow with love and laughter
or simply windmills spinning in a storm
a bit of hope clouded in shades of gray
with a touch of lavender for all the maybes
but my heart hesitates
and my direction continues
in a consistent loop
of doubt and insecurities
grabbing hold of my inhibition
ruling my moral compass
and as I pretend to move forward
occasionally wishing for a lover
reality remains the same
you were a perfect fit
to an imperfect woman
and now nothing else matters…

To JY always and forever love TY
Anniversary July 1